7 days and the pseudo finale

A BBQ, too much good food, mad singing and dancing, and lots of EtOH.

An almost all nighter, trying to meet deadlines.

Random retarded conversations among the scribes.

The great hotel debate and the road trip :D

Symphony orchestra pieces that sounded like cows mooing at one point (though the percussion and horns were pretty good).

The wonders of a swim, though it could've been longer.

Lunch time adventures:
- Tuesday: A mad run to the post office, a trek through Bugis, the iPhone debate, the Breadtalk disappointment, a train ride to City hall, the Breadtalk reward, the soup search at the Market Place and Soup Spoon, and a sunny walk back to the desk.

- Thursday: The goggle hunt- Royal sporting house, sports station, foodcourt katsudon, Subway, Royal sporting house again, and the sports station again. End result: matrix chick worthy and dark blue.

- Friday: The unravelling shoes again and funny revelations. A rare quiet night.

Absurd Person Singular, girlfriends, and my talented sibling (so darn proud of you).

Neighbours, meatballs, massages, and a DJ lesson.

Quiet mornings in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and the White Tiger.

Lunch in company, the supermarket collisions, a cooking marathon.

A continuously refilled bowl of dhal, half a loaf of bread and The Kite Runner.

Crazy online conversations, never ending laughter and the jollies.

The unexpectedly expected visitor, almond chocolate and being the 'reluctant bride'.

And so the week, the weekend and January come to an end :)

The scribes

When work gets you down, one of the few saving graces are the people you work with.

And this is why:

QJ: whattimeyouwannahavecoffeetoday?it's4:05alreadybuti'mnotreallyin thecoffeezoneyet-areyou?

Fonco: you sound like arwen now
Moi: :D
Fonco: but I dont look like gandalf or aragorn
Moi: Haha if only i looked like Arwen :P
Fonco: you want funny ears issit?

Moi: are you bringing the coffee or should i?
Chuahbacca: can buy here
Moi: they sell in malaysia?!
C: no la
C: of course not
C: illegal
Moi: that's what i thought
Moi: so they send everything here to SG
C: i get it from this pimp who lives near my house
C: he smuggles them along with the czech girls he smuggles
Moi: where does he get czech girls from?
C: from china of course
C: don't ask silly questions please..

QJ: straightforward onsite means no need for Chuahbacca?
Fonco: yes i think so
Fonco: i believe so
Moi: so then she doesnt have to be there!
Fonco: YES
Fonco: she does not
QJ: why are we talking about her like she's not here?
QJ: is it because she smells?
QJ: silence means yes
Moi: *awkward silence follows..*
C: what?
C silence means yes
C: yes to what?
C: I smell nice..

And on it goes.. :)

Alarm bells

I had salad and wholemeal bread for dinner last night. And cereal two nights ago.

Lunch has been mushroom soup at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks.

I was contemplating the radical haircut again. Except this time it actually involved shaving off some of my hair.

I had 5 glasses of 3 different kinds of wine and didn't feel like an alien has taken over me body/ crave rum or tequila.

On a related note, my alcohol consumption seems to be exponentially increasing, which is fine and all that, except my alcohol tolerance hasn't really kept up.

I'm considering gym membership.

I go to sleep at 2.30am and effortless wake up 15 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off. I can't, however, drag myself out of bed when I sleep at 11pm.

'Use Somebody' has been running on loop in my head since last Friday.

I'm struggling to finish a book I waited 2 whole months for, because I keep forgetting I have it.

I agreed to a 5km run for charity, though I can barely crawl through 3km.

I am still trying to buy things I don't need for the bathroom and bedroom.

Something's definitely wrong somewhere..

You call it madness, but I call it love

Quirky little things like this make me *melt*

[Credits go to YC for the pic and Nat King Cole for the title :p]

Forever trusting who we are..

And so the weekend flew by. It started off on a 'high' note with me getting a bit too adventurous with long island iced tea. Hopped around from Tapas tree to all over CQ and ended up crazy dancing in
J Bar. Then came one of the weirdest cab rides back home. I am officially going off EtOH for a month now :p

Come Saturday, and it was the German + Korean + Chinese + Sri Lankan quartet and a steamboat dinner for 2.5 hours. I think between the 4 of us, we consumed an entire cow, four chickens and a field of mushrooms. This was in addition to the prawns, clams, fish, vegetables, corn, onion rings, fries, sausages and a few other things I can't quite recall now. Haha and the baaad drinks. But it was a much needed chilled out night, amid the racist jokes and laughter. I loved sitting by the road and watching the night set in. And then we were off for a movie/arcade/drinks splurge. Blu Jazz was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday, which only added to the appeal :) And after a 25 minute trek looking for cabs, bathroom emergencies and crossing the road 4 times, we piled ourselves into a taxi a minute before the surcharge kicked in and headed off to Adrian's for Hanson's music education, Chivas and green tea, and an in depth discussion on everything wrong in Singapore. You gotta love those random nights.

I was domestic on Sunday to an extent that would've made my mom question whether I was actually her kid :p Writer's block prevailed so I decided to explore the Marang Trail and Mt Faber Loop. It's so darn beautiful up there, it almost felt like I wasn't in Singapore- the trees and air and exercise did wonders for my cluttered brain :)
Picture of the day:

Now for what's been cluttering my brain...

People who go on about the let downs, wrongdoings and weaknesses of friends and family and society never seem to appreciate the good things that happen to them; to the extent where they actually get suspicious when someone does something nice for them. Go figure. You're never going to be happy unless you let yourself be happy, and not everyone has a hidden agenda. There are still a few genuinely nice people out there, and I think sometimes you just need to give people a chance.

I haven't felt the loss of 'self' in a while now, but it crept up on me in the last week. I found myself questioning and doubting and debating and trying to understand where and how I seem to have lost me. I hate feeling out of control and on the edge. Giving into reckless abandon is so easy sometimes. I really need to get a handle on this before it swallows me up.

Have you ever wondered how the world would turn out if unconditional love (not necessarily the romantic kind) was a little easier to come by? If everyone just cared a little more, spent a little more time, hurt a little less and stopped complicating everything? One can only dream I guess.

... and nothing else matters.

Out of sync

I get this weird feeling of disconnect sometimes. It's like I'm in a world of my own, completely oblivious to or cut off from the
going-ons of the outside world. And this world of mine has just me in it, not in a narcissistic sense but in an isolated kind of way.

I'm on the inside, I'm looking out..

I don't know if it comes from not being able to 'get' people or happenings or situations. I think space and time tends to warp the understanding you're capable of, and sometimes there's this complete inability to relate or respond appropriately.

Or maybe its just the lock-and-key theory. You fit perfectly in some places/situations, and you're completely out of sync in others. The same goes for people. And the 'fit' changes with time and circumstance. Though there's only so far you can go with flexibility before you lose your original form.

Cinderella discovered

..while spending the whole weekend cleaning the new place. Minus the torn and tattered dress though, and the evil step sisters. But I'm finally done :D And lovin' it~! Now I just need to restrain myself from going to Ikea and buying a whole load of furniture/knick knacks/lampshades that I don't need. A bean bag would be nice though.. *ahem*

I did play pool on Friday though. It's been aaaages. And it goes well with a Black Russian and good company :D The Fedora'd bro and company put on quite the show at Munchie's too- I was impressed :) And then we discovered the flirting point, had kaya toast at midnight, and trekked across Bras Basah, Chijmes and City Hall looking for a bus and a bus stop.

And the never ending supply of oranges, Japanese milk cake, sandwich spread and kindness. My new landlord is the coolest- yes he even got on a ladder and fixed me a new lampshade :)

The week went by in a flash, and the happy conversations on comfy chairs at coffeeshops were most welcome. Hima the gorgeous dropped by on Wed! Was so good catching up with him over lunch, dropped soup spoons and sugar cane juice, though I still haven't quite forgiven him for calling me at 6.30 in the morning :p And the long overdue lunch with Sid and Hoey Lit finally happened on Friday :D On a related note, Bakerzin has the most amazing chicken and mushroom sandwich ever (yes Sid, I love you for this!). There were also the domestic moments which found me looking for bathroom accessories, air freshners and kitchen utensils. I am indeed a changed person, domesticated perhaps? :p

So with the tickets to KL booked, my leave approved and the visa to Cambodia finally sorted, I'm all set for the next couple of adventures. Much joy and fun times to come :D

And in this moment, I am happy

It's been a while since the last Incubus streak. Too long I think. I'd forgotten how great the Light Grenades album is :) It's time we met and made a mess. Love that line :D

I thought this week would never end. It got better as it went by, but dragged on all the same. I'm just glad its finally Friday. The post-holiday depression is slowly tapering off too, what with everything that suddenly needs to be done.

Friends make even the bleakest of days feel sunny and warm and happy. Laughter makes the world go round. And hugs are totally underrated. Thanks you guys :)

Food has been one of the main highlights this week. Modesto's on Monday, Melben Seafood on Tuesday, Food Republic + Toastbox on Wednesday, Marché on Thursday (total Bailey's high :D).. and Plaza Sing today. Wooohooo!

And then D dropped in at work with little Oshan! Gosh, he's SO adorable. I almost want a kid now. Though I'd genetically engineer her to remain at age 1 for a good 5 years :p

I'm loving the new hidey-hole. The walk down the slope and standing on the forest threshold in the morning is just amazing. Bobbed down that road today with September playing on the pod and a manic grin on my face and got stared at by a couple of old uncles. Haha.

The hunt for the near perfect machine continues. QJ has convinced me I need to invest in Apple once again. I feel so technologically clueless at times like this. Can't I just buy something red and not bother with the other details?

I still do miss home. But I'm holding onto this for now :)

4.06 am

And I am wide awake, having stared at the ceiling for the last 45 minutes, unsuccessfully counted backwards four times and tossed around in an attempt to go back to sleep. Sigh.

Overload, and this always happens. Insomnia for someone who's life revolves around sleep is like a chocoholic not being able to stomach chocolates. Ok that actually sounds worse than insomnia... *shudder*

Its weird, the stuff you think about when you're subconsciously awake and not really fully operational. I actually decided on something that I've been avoiding thinking about for the longest time. I wonder if it'll still seem as rational when I wake up in a couple of hours (if I eventually manage to fall asleep again... Gah!).

Dinner with Jo and company was a happy and welcome distraction from all the chaos. And the crabs were yummy~! :D I miss those girls, all that laughter and sunshine.

The new abode is slowly starting to feel less warehouse-y. I just have too much stuff! And its all over the place, though I don't know what's where :( Clutter-bug much?

I miss mom, our endless chats over tea, the giggles and the madness. I miss dad, the sarcasm wars and the intellectual discussions over why I should get married and where my life is going (or not going?). Thank God for the sibling though. Family is just something else really- solid, unwavering, always have your back while you're busy dealing with curve balls and what not.

I can't really think of an ending to this very odd post, so I'll just leave it with an odd ending and crawl back into bed now. Goodnight!

Back to the grind..

Mixed feelings on a Monday morning.

I can't say I'm happy to be back, but this time around things feel out of place. Like the carpet's been yanked out from under my feet. I hope its just the holiday withdrawal acting up.

Anxiety is almost worse than fear, at least for me. The nerves, the tension, the constant wondering and waiting. Retribution soon, I hope.

Rethinking the previously held notions of people and ideas has brought to light some interesting insights and realizations. Things aren't always as straightforward as they seem, apparently.

Where did the simple life go?