Post CNY: The best one yet...

I've got to admit, the week leading upto CNY was kind of depressing. Everyone was going away somewhere for the long weekend, and by the time I decided on the place(s) I wanted to go to, everything was booked and super expensive. Added to this, the Sri Lankan passport I own commanded the need for month-long visa procedures, so needless to say, I found myself stuck in Singapore for the holiday.

But it turned out to be one of the best long weekends yet.. And I was home alone, with the whole house to myself to do whatever I wanted *evil grin*...

So I pretty much set up camp in the living room, close enough to the kitchen to keep the supply of potato chips, grapes, cookies and juice going strong.. And right in front of the television, which a bit disappointing really, given our lack of cable, and with my laptop and a stack of assorted movies and books next to me :D Heaven in a 2 square metre area!

Other happenings that made the weekend even better: A spontaneous trip to the airport followed by a huge breakfast at 1pm, cooking my first decent meal of rice, dhal and assorted odds and ends (under supervision of course) and being too full to move for the rest of the afternoon, and CNY dinner at Beck's followed by a round of Black Jack that left most hong baos wiped out haha... :D

Going back to work today (specifically waking up in the morning today) was painful... If only we had more 4 day weekends! :(

Bits and pieces

This post is going to be a recollection of all the funny/weird/embarrassing/happy/memorable moments of the last couple of weeks, written in code though to keep the suspense going and save myself from public humiliation... I don't quite know why I'm even writing this down, but I suspect I'll want to read through this in a year's time and laugh at myself (again..)

- Unravelling of shoes when crossing the road during lunch... And again when walking on the road during lunch.. Twice..

- Attempts to imitate someone's eating habits (consisting of slurps, loud munching and sniffing) resulting in myself choking due to laughing and slurping a drink at the same time..

- A warm look of surprise and gratitude due to an unexpected lunch delivery on Tuesday..

- A particular exchange of words over camera models, which resulted in a DVD of horror movies the next day..

- A long and painful meeting on Thursday, a mad run into the lift to escape the office mushroom, and a harried run to Bugis with furtive looks over our shoulders.

- Laughs, more laughs, sharing old secrets and reliving old stories from school over 1-for-1 Bacardis, chicken drumsticks and self important potato wedges at a random bar in Orchard

- 12 laps in a 50 m pool and feeling like the owner of rubbery legs and an overworked heart...

- A three way family conversation on skype that ended in a lot of confusion, hilarious yelling to one another, and a heavy dose of laughter

- Art paper shopping and cutting paper chains under a desk...

- Messages from the northern end of the world that make you smile after a long, painful and tiring day, and miss the ones dearest to you..

- Hanging out with kids who wrote down chocolates, soft drinks, candy and meat in the 'bad food' column and rice, bread and abalone in the 'good food' column

- A drumming performance using drumsticks, poles made of bamboo, and feet.

- A Sunday that started off at Holland village, through lunch at suntec city, shopping at Marina Square, the discovery of a bohemian store, coffee and pretzels by the fountain of wealth, a sunny walk back to Bugis, a traumatic visit to Mustafas, the purchase of ramli burgers on the way back home, and the viewing of 1/3rd of a movie..

Yup, the little moments in life make it all worth the while.. :)

An end to the delay..

Much apologies for the prolonged absence, I've seriously just been lazy and a bit busy :p

I've decided that in the spirit of New Years and with resolutions flying hopelessly about, I am going to declare this year as the year of travel, and Bailey's Irish Cream. I don't see a problem with the latter, but the former is a bit more expensive and requires some effort. Nevertheless, I refuse to be beaten down or discouraged, since its only still January and a bit too early for that, but I do hope I'll get to travel a bit more this year than I did last year...

And in preparation for all this travelling (and drinking), I bought myself a camera :D I am quite thrilled with it, though now I have less of an excuse not to put up embarrassing pictures of funny moments :) A tough choice between a Sony cybershot and a Panasonic Lumix, and lots of tugging on them heart strings later, the Lumix won :)

I've also been consuming a lot more food than I need to. In particular, a visit to P.S. cafe for dessert had me completely blown over. That evenings choice of dessert was lemon pudding served in a moat of lemon custard sauce, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. A serving big enough for three people I think, but yours truly managed 90% of it on her own.. I really don't remember how I got home that night :p

Another mention-worthy meal: Saturday all-day breakfast at Swensons :D French toast with maple syrup, cheese sausages, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, chicken ham and scrambled eggs, juice and tea- absolutely divine *dreamy sigh*.. And after all this, the day ended with long overdue Teh Halia and prata at Niqqi's Cheese Prata :D I miss that place so much... :(

And friends.. where would we be without them :) Asanka was making a stop on his ship at the Jurong shipyard last week, so a reunion after 5 years ensued.. I was reminded once again that there's just something priceless about the friends you grow up with in school :) Nothing has changed, yet so much has, but at the same time, you know that they'll always be there for you :) Also met up with the a few of the NUS peeps after a long time- so much to catch up on, so little time.. And the girls.. Seeing them always makes the day better :) Still lots more socialising to be done in the next couple of weeks, something to definitely look forward to ;)

Work's just not the same without Jo around.. :( I particularly miss her very audible laughing across the office and companionship for anything dessert-related :D But I know she's gonna make a wonderful doctor, so all the best to her :) Wendy leaves this Friday too, so there's gonna be one less cool kid around :(

And on that note, I shall end this rather lengthy post, and return to my book- which has also been neglected and is now demanding attention... But with the usual promises of more posts to come in the next couple of weeks.. Oh and Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!

Survival of the fittest

It's a bit long, but its worth the watch :D

Much thanks to Nips!

Cheers to a Happy New Year *clinks glass*

It indeed has been. And its already zipping by fast.

As hoped, '09 began at the beach, with fireworks, good food, and hugs all around.

5 days into the new year, and I'm back in Singapore, still getting my act together after the awesome trip back home. Amidst the eating, drinking and merry making, it was so great to be with the insane family and old friends. Sri Lanka is home in so many ways that Singapore never will be, and it was nice to go back to the drama and familiarity for a while.

Unpacking awaits, so I shall take your leave, for now. With promises to be back sooner than later ;)