My personal favourite from 'Leave this Town' :) It'd be perfect on a soundtrack that involved a long drive down a wide highway :D


THE joy of discovering a new interest, or re-discovering a forgotten passion.

The eager anticipation of finally starting something you've always wanted to do that was put on hold for a while.

The happy bubble that fills you up when listening to a favourite track after a couple of days/weeks.

The comfortable familiarity of sitting at a cafe, sipping cappuccino, talking to an old friend and watching the rain.

The warm happy feeling in that comes with listening to children's laughter and giggles.

The adrenaline rush of driving at 120kmph on a highway with 'Run to the Water' playing on the radio.

The feeling of boundlessness when jumping up and down on your bed, trying to perfect the dance routine from Step Up 2.

Who said you need a complex road map to finding happiness?

Lost in translation

I finally watched it~! And absolutely loved it.

It reminded me of when I was in Paris a couple of months back, where everyone spoke French and had no idea what we were trying to say in our pathetic attempts at the language.

It also reminded me of all the times when you can spend only a couple of hours with a person or a group of people, but remember them for the rest of your life. Like when 14 of us from all over the world got stuck in an elevator for half an hour.

And it cracked me up to think of when I once translated 'maalu miris' into 'fish chillie' when it was really the Sinhalese word for 'capsicum'.

Much thanks to QJ for lending me a copy :D And here's to more lost in translation moments!

Soul-less in Singapore..

I took a bit of a nostalgic trip today back to the 5000+ pictures I took in Europe, in a lame attempt at reliving the experience and transporting myself back there.

When I think of those 3 weeks now, I honestly can't believe it happened; that we spent 15 days backpacking across Europe, visited 12 different cities and still managed to see 80% of what Lonely Planet reckoned we should have seen. That we did all that and still got back in one piece. That I remembered the neighbourhood I grew up in and visited the hospital where I was born.


That's the one word to describe it all.

I need to go back. Very soon. My soul's still happily wandering around in Sweden, and the rest of me would like very much to be reunited with it. And with the cinnamon buns. And gingerbread. And pine trees.

Blast from the past

I know you're smiling and singing along!