With hands like those...

Introducing my latest fascination: Hand shadows

Turn up the volume peeps... ;)

Men are from Mars....

Unfortunately this is not gonna be a post dedicated to downtrodding the male species, as thrilling as that would be.. Sorry girls, maybe next time ;) Guys, you may continue to read...

Its rather about the trends in relationships that seem to have arisen in the modern age of the 21st century. Or more simply put:

There is a shortage of decent single available straight men.

Possibly because:
a) they are dating female antichrists
b) they are strung into a relationship with a non deserving female that is going nowhere, and are being used and laundered and don't seem to be able to get out of it
c) they are in a stable, happy relationship with someone who they deserve to be with
d) others- reasons such as having just recovered from a) or b) or sudden ventures onto the other side of the spectrum, if you get what I mean
e) they are just waiting to be found
f) the rest are just your run-of-the-mill everyday jerks

The breakdown goes something like this (these are rough statistics, conjured after a moment's thought):
a) 25%
b) 17%
c) 8%
d) 15%
e) 2%
f) 33%

I am now at the stage where I'm trying to come up with an explanation for all of the above. So far, I have:
a) Something is seriously wrong with the men (and women) of the 21st century
b) Men have been tricked into believing that they are God's gift to women (this mainly applies to category f)
c) They seem to be going through some universal phase of mass confusion and end up with the WRONG girl again and again
d) There is a lack of decent women to go around (my money's on this)
e) Due to b) and d), they have suffered ego/self esteem/collateral damage and are now willing to settle for less than their expectations (or hopes, or worth)

I'm sure there are better explanations (or more logical ones at least) out there, but for now, I rest my case. I only hope this post serves to make all of today's decent single available straight men out there (well at least the ones who read my blog, and possible friends) think twice about the blindfolds that they seem to have turned into a fashion. Or at least lift them up a bit to get a peek at the world out there ;)

On a different but related note though, I would totally understand if the blindfolds are in place to shut the rest of the world out. I feel like that on Monday mornings. But then I just switch to my shades ;)

ps. This is sort of a follow up to the post about 'single girls' from a couple of months back... Await more in the series :p

Memories, sentiment and the like..

A lot of people think they're overrated. 'So things happened, so what? Remember the good times, but don't hold on to them forever, because life passes you by in the meantime...' I have to disagree, and there's plenty of evidence in my room and in me- pictures of friends and family, birthday cards and gifts collected over the years, little momentos from the years gone by.

I was reminded of what we take for granted when I came across this a couple of days back... It really touched me and the doubts of the last few days took a backseat for a change.

Memories also got the better of me this weekend. I watched a Walk to Remember, and that soundtrack still gives me goosebumps... it was one of my favourite movies from back in the day, and it still is. Snippets of Baz Lurhmann's hit kept replaying in my head, and a cute stranger made me laugh and feel like a teenager again. Rain, an online conversation, and the goo goo dolls kept me up much later than normal.

I caught up with an old friend, was shouldered by a new one, and remembered the little book of autographs that I collected at the end of school, 5 years ago. Flipped through a couple of pages, and was in tears a few minutes later. Four particular entries made me smile, and I'm glad those people are still in my life. Everything was so different back then, so simple, so unrestricted. So young.

I went back to the basics, took a step back, and reflected. Went for a drama performance at NUS, and loved the subtle hints and humour. Experienced a rush similar to one I had a couple of years ago. I'd forgotten how good the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and weak knees can be. The recklessness of tempting fate can be irresistable.

James Patterson surprised me with an unusually twisted read... As usual, I got caught up with the characters in the book, stepped into their lives, and felt shell shocked at the end of it. If you're looking for a slightly different crime/mystery novel, try 1st to Die.

A long chat with bro and the fondness of family made me feel loved and really lucky. That, and a best friend who knows me better than I know myself. Things look good at the job front and Halloween's got us all excited.

Lots to look forward to, and less to look back upon with regret. October's been good to me, and other than the indecisiveness of the rain and the departure of a couple of people, there's nothing much to complain about :)

Siblings... what would we do without them? :)

So bro is officially off to Sweden in January... :) I'm so relieved he managed to clear all the red tape and pesky administration, though there's still a bit of that left to wade through.. And now I have an excuse to plan my European trip! :D Since he's basically going to be there for the latter part of winter, spring and a bit of summer, I'm going to have to make my pick of which season I want to make my grand entrance in, and I'm looking at the transition between winter and spring... I really hope this isn't all going to be wishful thinking in the end :p

I'm going to miss him to death. I already feel sad at the thought of him not being there on the 8th floor of EA, and he's not even gone yet. Our traditional dinners of subs and intellectual (sleep-inducing) movies are going to have to be put on hold for 6 months (somehow feels like 1 1/2 years :p). Life's going to be a short transition back to the time when I didn't have family in Singapore, during my first two years in NUS, but I think having him here all this time is going to make it a bit harder than before. I can't believe I'm saying all this and still getting annoyed with him on a weekly basis... *sigh*

Anyways with a final act of desperation in trying to get bro to take me with him, I shall end this post and hope that I'll somehow survive the 6 months in one piece. Never mind if he makes it... :p

When God gives you lemons...

you're supposed to make lemonade right?

Variations of this task:
Sell the lemons and make an extra 50c on the side
Save the lemons for a rainy day (well ok a hotter and sunnier day when you need it more)... but keep in mind that lemons are not immortal
Give someone else the lemons because you think they need them more than you do
Start thinking of other exotic ways to use the lemons. e.g. make a lemon meringue pie, use them in a salad (healthier), throw them at the cat next door, etc.
'Lemons?? I didn't want lemons! I wanted a frickin' lemon tree!!'
..find a new God.

Humans have the innate ability to complicate things. Its genetic and embedded oh-so-deep in their DNA. It's probably why people find it so hard to make decisions and stick with them. I mean, you can't really blame them, when so many options are staring at them in the face.

Next time, just stick to the basics, and keep it simple: Make that lemonade before someone else steals your lemons (while you're holding them and wondering what to do with them) and makes a killer version of your lemonade instead...

The evolution of dance

Kudos to Nips for this one ;)

At a loss for words...

Taken into context, I think I've lost the will/energy/enthusiasm/imagination to blog. Either that, or my genetically inbuilt laziness has finally conquered my mind and taken over my body (and possesses me over weekends). As a result, I am spending my Monday morning at my desk, staring at a video script that needs work, and trying to will myself to walk the 10 meters to the pantry and get myself a cup of tea... *sigh*
But life's been good :) I discovered the pleasures and pains of fine dining in Singapore, pleasure in the food, wine and company, pain at the cost of it... Spirits have been high the last couple of days, and between trying out sushi, catching up with friends over dinner, a much needed long distance phone conversation, chilling at the library, rediscovering my favourite bands, brunch in the woods on Saturday and maintenance day on Sunday (= manicure, pedicure, bubble bath, etc) followed by lots of good food, friends, more food, rum and chocolate cake, a BBQ, a birthday and awesome vocals, I have been busily happy :) I actually squeezed in a couple of hours of TV, finished a book and created a salad too ;)
Things to do though: get back in shape, track down a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, go out dancing, begin that venture in a slightly different direction, and listen to more music. I really need a 3 day weekend :(

My lovely morning :)

So today I had to literally crawl out of bed in the darkness and get out of the house before the sun rose. Don't ask why, because I'm trying to fight the overwhelming urge to put my head down for a bit of a catnap, and thinking of the reason I had to get up stirs up feelings of frustration. Yes, I solemnly follow Garfield's rules of rest and relaxation ;)

But anyway, my morning was a really good one. Well technically (at this moment) it hasn't ended yet, but the early part of it was good. Its a bit ironic because I've been dreading today for a while. But that's another story altogether... (the day can still spiral downward :p).

So I was out of the house by about 6.40am.. when usually I wake up at 7.30 :p (The trip from my bed to the kitchen to make coffee was sheer torture) But the morning was BEAUTIFUL. It was the time before the sun rises but dawn's already come and gone, and the word that popped into my head was tranquility. People were out jogging and walking their dogs, and school kids were making their way sleepily to the bus stops (I probably didn't look any better). But the sky was a gorgeous pale blue and it was cool and windy (I don't think my lame attempt to describe the morning is doing any justice to it :p). But just the walk from my place to the MRT left me awake and energized and happy. Yes I was actually smiling within an hour of waking up :p

I think I actually understand for the first time in my life why people wake up early and go out running or walking. Mornings are beautiful just before it gets bright and hot and sweaty. Its a pity I've missed so many while catching that extra half an hour of snooze time. I used to be a morning person in university, but all that's changed since work started and sleep became a lot more valuable... and necessary.

The other sub highlight (I think I just invented a word :p) of my morning was that I got into a very cool bus. It was really crowded though, but half way through the ride it emptied out, and I was left a bit stunned at the interior. It was designed like the inside of a club :| The whole inside was done up in maroon velvet, and the seats were white leather and kinda like Beanie bags except sleeker. And.. wait for it..... *drumroll*.... There was a BAR! Well a makeshift one without the alcohol :p One of the windows had been plastered with a picture of the back of a bar with a smiling bartender and a lot of alcohol. And there was a protruding ledge (the makeshift bar) and two barstool like seats for passengers. I was seriously in awe and silently kicking myself for not having a camera with me... But it was really really cool.

Anyways it all turned out good, the errand I was running didn't take too long, and I was at work by 9, with all these ideas zipping around in my head. In retrospect, I'm glad I actually woke up early and got so much done, though by 3 pm I know I'll be lolling off to sleep :p But I think I'm gonna try and get up early once in a way, just to start the day off on a high. It can't hurt that much. And I'm still smiling ;)

All the small things...

So October has arrived and has brought with it extremes of weather... either torrential rain or blinding sunshine... The F1 weekend is over and the roads and bus services in the city are back to normal.. And we're 2 months away from 2009! :|

October (or maybe the end of September) also brought with it a tinge of nostalgia for me... It's got nothing to do with the dates or anything, but I guess I was thinking back on what I was doing a year ago... Peeps who remember the crazy HYP semesters will remember me being stuck in lab with those mice till 6-7pm everyday :p But I found myself missing bits of that life... And they weren't the big once-in-a-lifetime moments either, but rather the small things, like the long chats over teh halia at the Prata shop, the walks around campus at 1am, lying down at SRC and looking up at the stars (when there were no clouds :p), the convenience of food 5 mins away (though living at HV I really can't complain about that, but about the prices I can :p), hanging out in people's rooms when they were a couple of floors above you or a block away, randomly meeting people in the bus or at the bustop and ending up having dinners that lasted for hours... The little things we took for granted while wishing that we could get out of university faster and not have to worry about exams and lectures.

Working life isn't bad, but the worries don't necessarily stop.. You realise you have a host of other things that avalanche the minute you start getting paid... the loans, the rent, the bills, the career, and the list goes on... It's also a lot harder to meet people with schedules and time to consider...I guess the grass is always greener on the other side :p

I guess the point of this post is getting a bit lost on me (due to the lack of sleep), but I think what I wanted to say was something along the lines of 'enjoy what you have when you can' or something like that... B'cos you'll seriously miss it when you realise its gone.