Bridging the gap

The run left me gasping for breath, but the rush of endorphins completely overtook the fatigue. I really should stretch the next time though :p The spontaneous company at dinner and the tea made me smile more :)

Friday brought in temporary sickness. I hate that feeling of congestion in your nose and head and general airways. It also brought in a new wave of CML related stress, but its ending soon so I was trying not to lose it completely. CNY lunch, tossing the lo hei and completely overdosing on curry and pillow made up for it though :D The mix at work always makes it more interesting.

Then came the gift of the cow and the night-long birthdays at the beach! Caught up, chatted, counselled and connected :) I don't open up easily or at all most of the time, but the kindred spirit coerced me into a confession (yes I know you're reading this and smirking :p) which I then tried to forget while consuming all those awesome cupcakes :) I think I just got happy feeling the sand between my toes and watching the waves- though the company made a huge difference :D

We all have so much going on on the inside, yet we keep it so well hidden and tucked away from the world. And every once in a way, it all gets too much and we crack, pick ourselves up and piece together the tough outer layer. Strange creatures, we humans are.

And the rest of the weekend just flew by~! Sunday was all about friends: celebrating an impressive aquathalon over brunch at Marche, online joy and goosebumps hearing about the 'moment', a long overdue dinner and a much longer overdue visit to Botak Jones :D A happy and fitting end to February!

Love is forever with you

Morning rush hour. A crowded bustop. A middle-aged couple, sitting together and holding hands.

In the old gentleman's hand, an mP3 player. With a splitter cable attached to its end. And two separate sets of headphones attached to the other end.

Lost in their own world, smiling at each other and listening to the same song :)

Prisoner, turned president

After a funny twist of events, we finally got around to watching Invictus. In one word, the movie is amazing. Goosebumps all the way.. the good kind :)

'I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul'.

It was moving and inspiring and captivating and so much more. The soundtrack was awesome. Morgan Freeman delivered a stunning performance. Matt Damon was hot! *fans herself* There were a couple of lame bits, but in the space of 2 hours, the movie addressed so many different issues, both subtle and overt.

Like tolerance, and forgiveness. Of blood, sweat and tears.

About simply believing in yourself, even if people around you don't, and doing your best with what you have, regardless of the circumstances and against all odds.

How beyond colour and class, we're all human, with the same rights, the same needs and wants.

About standing up for what is right, and fighting for what you
believe in.

A reminder of how great people like Nelson Mandela are, with the kind of vision and philosophy that most leaders of the world today lack.

Watch the movie, if you haven't already. Trust me, it hits you right at the core :)

The newcomer

Ok so while in denial of the fact that I am now officially an aunt, I had to post a pic of my gorgeous and utterly adorable newborn nephew Keyaan :D

Just look at that little bicep :D I want a baby too..!

I want my weeeekend back!

Finally caught up on Friday- a quiet evening with myself that was much needed, after the last couple of weeks of traipsing about airports and bus stations and temples and beaches :p

Pol sambol, gotukola and bonchi :D Need I say more? Then there was also the coconut hunt, its eventual consumption, mango and chocolate milkshakes (two separate occasions :p), and chili cheese fries. Day 1.

Naan, palak paneer, chicken tikka masala, teh halia, tim tams, rum n' raisin, and coffee. Day 2.

Gosh, I feel fat just writing all this down :p

My love for rainy Sunday afternoons :) which I usually spend in bed, huddled under the covers and listening to the rain outside... Instead, I spent yesterday at Chinese garden, walking, dancing and then jogging in the downpour, after a failed kayaking attempt :p (damn you lightning!). And then we climbed up the jungle gym, soaking wet, and sat in the rain for half an hour, just talking. I've not done anything that silly and liberating in a long time- best feeling in the world :) And that plastic bag saved the day~!

Thanks for the conversations, smiles and laughs. I love you guys. I hope you know that :)

Replay and rewind...


Introducing my personality type:

I- Introverted
S- Sensing
F- Feeling
P- Perceiving

(somehow none of that sounds very flattering...)

ISFPs are quiet and very private people, who keep their true feelings and opinions reserved or hidden except from those who they are closest to.


ISFPs direct their energy towards the inner world of thoughts and emotions. They give importance to particular beliefs or opinions, particularly those that relate to people that they know and current experiences.

Erm, sure..

Artist/Composer — "I Seek Fun & Pleasure". They have a strong aesthetic appreciation for art, and are likely to be artists in some form, because they are unusually gifted at creating and composing things which will strongly affect the senses.


ISFPs are extremely perceptive and aware of others. They constantly gather specific information about people, and seek to discover what it means. They are usually penetratingly accurate in their perceptions of others.

[I'm betting Sherlock Holmes was an ISFP]

ISFPs are friendly, sensitive, warm and sympathetic. They genuinely care about people, and are strongly service-oriented in their desire to please. They have an unusually deep well of caring for those who are close to them, and are likely to show their love through actions, rather than words.


Don't ask me why I've been researching all this (an idle mind is the devil's workshop, or something like that right?). I should've put in a narcissism alert at the beginning of this post though. Oh well, I know you're entertained anyway ;)

Mood: Elevated

What started out as a disconnected, sleepy and kind of depressing day (blame post holiday withdrawal symptoms and a flooded inbox) actually turned out pretty good in the end :)

Being treated to home made cinnamon buns + watching the sun set on a long bus ride back home + a second treat of mochacinno (with more cinnamon) + acquiring a gorgeous new gym bag (completely free of charge) did the trick ;)

And then came the crazy funny stories of car breakdowns, gold price wars and trembling hands. You gotta love family :D

The wanderer and shutterbug in me is tired but happy.. Penang and Cambodia in the space of two weeks was quite the experience :D Time to plan the next holiday! It's never too soon, as a very wise and slightly drunk person once said ;)

In between the hiatus

The life of Pi, finally.

Mochi madness.

Vanilla love.

A new red glow.

Prata, ginger tea and a long tree-lined walk.

Those soulful eyes, and that goofy grin.

21 laps, and counting.

Happiness, caught between all these little moments :)

Virtual insanity

And nothing's gonna change the way we live
'Cause we can always take and never give

And now that things are changing for the worse,

See, it's a crazy world we're living in.
I love that track.. :D

So this post was going to be about how technology is affecting us all, taking over the world, etc. Nothing new I know.

But there's always a flipside right? Like for instance, doesn't it creep you out that people can be really really different online versus offline? Like some weird split/multiple personality disorder. And I'm not talking about online dating and stuff, where you know nothing about other person at all; I'm talking about people you know- friends, acquaintances, etc. The 'Facebook personality' is sometimes completely different from who the person is, in person.

I guess the 'online' life gives you more freedom and options to be who you want to be, without actually having to undergo a permanent personality makeover. It centres around the whole the 'ideal/perceived self versus real self' discrepancy maybe?

The other thing I don't get is how people want to be your Facebook friend, but if you actually bump into them, there's no acknowledgement or even eye contact; you're just another stranger. Bizarre.

I'm all for technology making life easier and connecting people, but I don't think it's worth if it comes at the price of getting sucked into the vortex, and losing sense of reality in the process..

Comin' down, the world turned over

I really need to stop grinning like a retard. And bouncing around in my seat :p

It's an awesome feeling when your pod can read your mind, and the first thing you hear in the morning is your favourite Goo Goo Dolls track. While walking down the slope under a nice blue sky with the wind blowing all over.

This advertisment on a taxi caught my eye on the way to work: And something about private investigators who will find out the truth about what your spouse has been upto. This world's a weird place. No, scratch that. This world's a gorgeous place. It's the people that made it weird/sad/crazy.

My very own quote of the month: 'I think I'm losing what's left of my mind from the last time I lost it..'. Brilliant, I know.

I woke up before the alarm again today, after sleeping at 1am. And I was smiling.. *insert look of puzzled concern* I think I also had a weird dream, but I can't remember much of it, except it involved me getting married *shudder*

One-for-one lunch at Swensons with the boys. Yummylicious macaroni & cheese :D I'm so full and sleepy and happy, and that says nothing about the cheese high to get over :D

Dramafest tonight. Once again, the sibling is gonna make me wonder how he does it. Band, plays, script writing, FYP, tuition and life in general. I think I'm just going to claim fame by association and retire early :p

February's here :D lots to look forward to! To be lame about it, listen to this if you haven't already :) I need to think of a way to celebrate, in keeping with the tradition with honouring the first day of every month :D (it's just an excuse to get all excited and deliriously happy :p) I think you guys should too!