All hail the month of Daisies and Diamonds..

March, in all its madness, has been tough.

Physically, because I've been making myself swim twice a week, every week, almost signed up for yoga, and ran (= briskly walked) most days to the train station because I overslept and was running late.
Mentally, because work has been crazy, from one deadline to the next. Handling 4 simultaneous projects was one heck of a rollercoaster ride, with more tumbles and turns than anticipated.
Emotionally, because people are insensitive and innately idiotic at times, more so among the male species.

But on the flipside, I'll always remember Friday, March 13th, 2009. I'll also remember the first (and hopefully last) holiday that we've planned for 2 weeks but booked and confirmed in 5 spontaneous minutes. A BBQ at ECP, drinks and music at J bar, more drinks at Iguana, dessert cafe wanderings, tea at a cafe in Arab Street, sheesha at another cafe in Arab Street, 3 awesome dance performances, Earth Hour, Olivia's school fair, green toes, hanging out with the kids at Yishun, Slumdog Millionaire and the Watchmen... Good times :)

I'm really looking forward to April, and even more to May. And so I've also changed my blog title as a symbolic gesture (and because the whole planet thing somehow doesn't sound cool anymore :p) and in the hope that the next couple of months will be filled with new experiences, more beginnings than ends, lots of laughter, and wonderful (photographic) memories :)

"When you come to a roadblock, take a detour."- Mary Kay Ash

Back when I was a 13 and my world revolved around boybands...

Presenting 'tripping down memory lane'- Part 2: a look at what my play list would've been 10 years ago, had I been ultra cool and owned an iPod.
Please keep in mind I have grown up since then, and no, their posters are no longer up on my walls.. But I still think their music isn't all that bad.. *blushes*

It wouldn't be complete without the legendary BSB and the 'renowned' chair dance... :D

There's tons more songs I loved and listened to like a mantra everyday- mostly by the bands above- but to save myself from further embarrassment, I leave you with these for now.. :)

Fitness, fads and tattoos...

Lychee martinis and blueberry margaritas.

90 steps to Clarke Quay.

Crashing kiwis and crumbling scones.

Europe; all the excitement and wonder it holds.

Stolen innocence, and the beauty of life through a lens.

It's been quite a week... :)

The sky that Sunday evening...

The rain...

And the morning after...

The irony... of death

'The popularity of an individual in life often only manifests itself in death.'

I've been trying to finish Sons of Fortune by Jeffery Archer for a shamefully long time now, and yesterday on the bus I came across this line in the book.. So nicely said.

To play down the morbidity, the number of Facebook friends you have is only a rough guage of how liked/loved/hated/despicable/popular you are. If only we could see the number of people who'd turn up at our funerals, it would be a nice final visual to die with I guess, knowing that at least you mattered to those who turned up... Even if a grand total of only 8 people attend :p Though the numbers need to be adjusted too- depending on where you die, how many of your friends/family members have passed before you, how many people actually do hate you but came anyway to make sure you were really dead, etc..

I have no idea why I'm writing this on a Saturday morning :p And no, rest assured I'm not feeling suicidal/depressed/homicidal or anything, I just really liked that quote.. Back to the book then :)

The Queen of Indulgence..

Or the Princess maybe... Yeah Princess sounds better (and younger) ;)

Addiction. Decadence. Indulgence. Guilty as charged.

At the rate I'm going, I don't think I'll live very long. If I'm lucky, a good 70 years :p I won't have much money left at the end of it either.

Chocolates- the main reason for my existence. That, and coffee. And cheese. And blueberry waffles.

Clothes, bags, shoes- iNeed. Actually more like slippers, earrings, hats and sling bags/hobos.

But you know what, at least I'm happy. When my 70 years are up and all my savings (??!) have been wiped out, at least I'll go in peace knowing I enjoyed myself immensely.

Now for the photographic evidence.. *wink*

TCC.. Love at first sight...

Chatuchak weekend adventures.. Perfect for a day at the beach..

Meet my soulmate... :D

This is only the half of it... :$

Sunday morning brunch.. Sinfully divine.

Tripping down memory lane...

So here's a collection of tracks from back in the day when I was a teenager and going through the whole cycle of adolescence- feel good songs that still have all sorts of memories attached.. ;) I shall do the whole boyband saga in another post- for now, it'll be just Les Femmes.. :)

The beautiful letdown...

People can go from being insensitive to caring to indifferent to obnoxious, all in one day. Strange.

Sacrifice? Maybe not. Maybe not right now. Compromise? Never.

The outer shell: scarred. The inner core: raw.

I was wrong about a lot of things.

Resolutions never stick around long enough.

Lines, boundaries, walls. Story of my life.