Esprit de corps

Sometimes, I wish I could pack my buddies in a suitcase and take them everywhere with me. The fellowship of travelling friends!

Ace has his own EP out! How cool is that :D And I didn't even know one was in the making... Awesome stuff dude- lovin' the tracks so far. I'm so proud of you. The quarter rockstar lives on~!

The bestie celebrated her second anniversary with eyeballs! :D Haha and they're still as crazy as ever.

Baldy turned 25, and that brings our quirky friendship to a grand total of 10 years. Some things never change, and I'm glad they don't :) 

The kindred spirit is seeing his dream through, in spite of a heap of odds stacked against him. And he's doing it with such grace, I'm honoured just to be his friend.

QJ, my conscience over the phone. A skype chat turned reprimand turned laughing fit, the way only we can :)

The shutterbug is braving it on a budget, for the next couple of months. What he's doing takes guts, and I'm in awe and admiration.

Iris has designs all over the world :D Things are finally looking up for her, and settling down in a good way :)

The rockstar is rocking the socks outta China! Land of the pandas, make way for greatness. The chaos will dissipate, just hang in there a little longer and keep the faith m'dear :)

Chuahbacca and Fonco, and a weekend we will remember :D

The mad cow-boy finally has a well-deserved break from the chaos, and is touring the streets of Beijing as we speak.

My fashionista in KL and the notification madness which caused an epileptic fit :D

Jo da man has a new job he likes; Prem's smiling about the job he doesn't like.

Karish is still Karish, the girl with the wisecracks, the drinking buddy, the airport buddy, the book buddy, the close friend. 

Mr Google is on a journey of musical discovery :D The evidence of which is rattling my bathroom walls.

And friends from all over are graduating! :D Darn proud of them, for surviving to tell the tale of the NUS experience. Brings back fond memories of the moment of self-glory, exactly two years ago from Sunday.

They've all made me so happy and put a grin on my face :D One of my natural highs, in the needle and haystack life :)


Neo said...

mr google has started using my speakers? hmm this is interesting :D

Amri said...

Uh huh.. Woke up to RHCP blasting at full volume one morning :p

namaya sesha said...

Oh great, you have to publicise EYEBALLS all over your blog! :p Don't be too sad about leaving s'pore, you get to see me soon! ;) xo

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